In Summer of 2018 Liz Akano, the executive director of Educate The Children travelled to Ugbele Akah, in Njaba Local Government, Imo State, Nigeria to oversee the completion of Phase IV of the School Project.

Phase IV consists of the conduit electrical wiring, and plumbing, including construction of two septic tanks and soak away. She also supervised the construction of the overhead water tank stand, installation of 2x1000 gallons of water tanks, and the connection of the borehole pipes to the overhead tanks.

The work completed for the project provided employment for over twenty local men and youth for the three and half weeks we were on the ground. The plan is to start and complete the next phase, plastering and framing during the summer of 2019.

It is our goal to open the classroom block in September of 2020 so the students can be moved into their new school. We appreciate your continued support and generosity as we strive to provide a life changing opportunity to rural children in Ugbele Akah, Nigeria through education.

2018 Updates Slides

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